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Patchouli oil with coconut oil works very best as a freshener for Body & Skin. This property of the essential oil of Patchouli promotes growth by stimulating the generation of new bodily cells. It helps to eliminate body odour and gives skin a new breath with new cells growth and improves blood circulation.


(1)Balances hormones

(2)Relieves stress

(3)Reduces depression

(4)Reduces body odour & keep afresh

(5)Improves blood circulation

(6)Made on traditional handmade process.


100% Coconut Oil,100% Natural,100% Pure,100% Virgin, Hand Crafted Soap ,Export Quality,

Product of India


How to Use:

Use on wet skin, rub a bit for lather and experience gentle & relaxed cleansing, gently massage it into your skin with a circular motion for about 30 seconds. Make sure you don't scrub so hard that you irritate the skin. Wash off.


Item Form : Transparent Glycerin Soap

Use for : Whole Body

Brand : MORE ON

Scent : Herbal flower

Skin Type : All

Range (Description) Adult

Colour : Green

Net Content Weight :125 Grams

External use only

Best Before 36 Months from Mfg.

Material Type Free : Paraffin Free, Mineral Oil Free, Artificial Fragrance Free, Alcohol Free, SLS Free, Contains no animal fat, no artificial colour. Store in cool & dry place.

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